Do Not Sell My Information

At Children of Design, our mission is to make your day to day just a little bit easier, which is why we want to take the time to explain exactly what the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link on our website means.

Children of Design is providing this page to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The CCPA is a data protection law that provides California residents with choices about their data, including the ability to tell companies not to sell their personal information. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Under the CCPA, “personal information” includes information that is not necessarily directly tied to an individual’s identity but may be associated with a device. This includes identifiers such as IP addresses, web cookies, web beacons, and ad IDs. In many cases, this type of information is not associated with you, but they are unique identifiers that could be. The term “sell” is defined to include not just selling in exchange for money, but also sharing or transferring personal information (including information that does not directly identify an individual as described above) in exchange for anything of value, which is not limited to the exchange of money.

Children of Design does not sell information that directly identifies you, like your name, address, or phone number. However, the CCPA’s broad definitions of “sale” and “personal information” may consider the normal use of information in analytics and advertising to be a sale. In some cases we do not control how such identifiers are used by some third-parties, and so we can’t determine that all sharing with third-parties in these cases fall within the service provider exception under the law. As a result, we are currently treating our sharing with some of these third-parties as a “sale” under the CCPA.

When a user of our website makes the “Do Not Sell” request, we will attempt to block further sharing of the identifiers with the third-parties we engage on those digital properties.

When you click the “Do Not Sell” button, a cookie will be set in your browser for that attempts to block further sharing of the identifiers with the third-parties. Please be aware that the setting will only work if your browser is set to accept cookies. Likewise, if you clear your browser cookies, the cookie-based “Do Not Sell” setting will be erased, and you will need to reset the setting for

For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.